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Salvo Fair 2016 postcard design - which do you prefer?

Help us decide which design to use. Leave a comment below - Thank you!

Oxfordshire, UK - We need your help to decide which design should be used for the postcard that promotes Salvo Fair 2016. Around 15,000 will be printed and given away at shops, showrooms, yards, fairs and markets over ...

Eastlake stained glass door panels top Kamelot architecturals

Two Eastlake-style panes $1,700 [photo © Kamelot

Pennsylvania, USA - The compendious Blue Guide to Victorian Architecture in Britain contains no entries for the architect and designer Charles Locke Eastlake (1836-1906), and only one in passing for his uncle Sir Charles...

Truly reclaimed Christmas with unique gift ideas

Vintage kitchen scales © Architectural Forum

London West, UK - Find genuine reclaimed, salvaged, antique, vintage or retro gifts for sale on SalvoWEB to make a really original Christmas gift choice. Items can range from something practical and useful to something...

Prefabricated timber by Jean Prouvé in the 2015 CHS Journal

Pierre Jeanneret & Jean Prouvé - F 8x8 BCC House, 1942 [screenshot Galerie Patrick Seguin

Meurthe et Moselle (54), France - Prefabricated steel buildings by Jean Prouvé are fairly well known but, as Stéphane Berthier of the Ecole Nationale d'Architecture points out in the latest Journal of Construction History, in a...

Ai Weiwei - inspired, provocative, visionary - salvage reuser

Straight by Ai Weiwei [photo © Garnham

London West, UK - The Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Royal Academy is inspired, thought provoking, visionary and profoundly poetic. Running until 13th December, the one-man show stirs a powerful mixture of emotion in the ...

Gaze antique brass cistern pulls kill MRSA in 90 minutes

Brass cistern pulls cut superbugs [photo © Gaze

Norfolk, UK - A collection of antique china high-level cistern pulls, some with rubber ring protectors, sold at Gaze's architectural sale last Saturday at around £25 per pull. In lot 9074 there were two old fashion...

Dulwich Midcentury Modern Show this Sunday

Photo from Modern Show exhibitor

London South East, UK - Come along and experience a wealth of treasures from Scandinavian and American Modernism to European Bauhaus and Industrial. If you are looking for a huge range of prices and styles from the best in 2...

Boeing fuselage screens and doors from MotoArt

Part of a Boeing 747 engine cowl bed [screenshot © MotoArt

California, USA - When it comes to first impressions, probably nothing packs more punch than an exquisitely interesting door, writes MotoArt of California and continues, it, of course, commands the visual senses, but i...

Swansea Uni to demolish student housing on Amy Dillwyn's estate

Plas Hendrefoelan [photo © Alan Richards

Glamorgan, UK - Swansea councillors have approved the demolition of the former Hendrefoilan student village near Sketty and building of a 300-home estate which developers assured planners that it would not harm Grade...

Silicone sealants are deadly in restoring old timberwork

Heike Notz at Hessenpark [photo © Die Welt

Hessen, Germany - Silicone sealants were described in the German newspaper Die Welt as 'deadly' in half-timbered buildings by the head of restoration at the state open air museum Hessenpark with 100 buildings up to 400...

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