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Christmas and New Year opening for architectural salvage businesses

Winter salvage sports olympic flame [photo

Somerset, UK - Salvo wishes readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will be moderating SalvoWEB every day over the Christmas break. The following businesses have sent us their Christmas and New Year op...

Traditional Victorian showman-style wagon for sale at Salvo Fair 2015

Detail of Cronin's showman's wagon - unrestored [photo Cronin

Oxfordshire, UK - A charming but dilapidated living van formerly owned by Sir William McAlpine will be restored by Surrey architectural salvage dealer Damian Cronin for sale at Salvo Fair next June. Cronin, who deal...

Charles Brooking at Venice Biennale 2014 - helping to build a better Europe

Brooking at Venice Biennale [photo Brooking

Veneto, Italy - Some 68 antique English windows and window parts from the Brooking Collection were ported over to Italy this summer to feature on a wall in the Windows Elements room in the 14th Venice Architecture Bi...

Roof top excavator madness in China

Excavators used in China for rooftop demolition [images from ChinaSMACK

China - Whilst China is using a huge proportion of the world's concrete to build high-rise blocks of flats and offices in its own country, it is also demolishing plenty of others. These buildings are sometime...

Trends for interior design in 2015 feature reclaim and reuse

Reclaimed comfort with fridge Vintage fridge

Nova Scotia, Canada - Eco friendly use of natural elements and the demand for unique styling will make reclaimed materials and architectural salvage a hot trend for interiors in 2015. Unique character and charming detai...

ReuseConex 2014 Wrap-Up

Texas, USA - On October 23-25, 2014 in Austin over 160 conference goers from 4 continents and 5 countries, and 23 U.S. States took part in ReuseConex 2014, the third international reuse conference and expo. Th...

40k corkscrew reveals old oak salvage and a sad end to Ovenston

Essex, UK - The recent sale of an old corkscrew, estimated at 400-600, at an auction in Colchester for 48,000 is a story itself, but the back story is equally fascinating. The corkscrew was auctioned by Reeman...

Salvo Fair booking forms are in the post

Oxfordshire, UK - Around three hundred booking forms have been sent out this week- to those who registered an interest in exhibiting at Salvo Fair and to previous Salvo Fair exhibitors. Salvo Fair 2015 will be held ...

Salvage yard winter sports: 3. The two man bob

Surrey, UK - Two men called Bob seen here training for a Harvest Gold medal at the BrokenBog secret bobsleigh training ground in deepest Churt. Practice sessions were so secret that no names were forthcoming for t...

Pavement lights, basement lighting, and illuminating vault covers

Hayward Brothers pavement light for sale on SalvoWEB [photo Architectural Forum

Somerset, UK - Daylighting of narrow basement areas under pavements in Georgian England began with open iron grills above an external area usually in front of a basement window which threw light into the interior of...

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